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Walt Disney World Raises Snack Prices



Snack prices at Walt Disney World are on the increase.

Bottled sodas have gone to $4.50 (up from $4), while fountain drinks have increased from $3.29 for a regular and $3.79 for a large to $3.99 for a regular and $4.49 for a large. The price increases have also affected the water bottle prices, with prices going from $3.00 to $3.50.

Outdoor Vending Carts have also been hit by the increases. A Mickey Pretzel has risen a dollar to $7. Ice cream novelties have risen to $5.75, up from $5 in June, while frozen bananas have risen by fifty cents to $5.75, in line with the prices of the ice cream novelties. Frozen fruit offerings, including lemonade-strawberry bars and frozen strawberry bars, have also increased the seventy-five cent increase, though their prices vary.

One thing is for sure: Disney’s Magic Kingdom After Hours event just became an even better deal!

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