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RUMOR: Spaceship Earth To Close for Two Years To Undergo Massive Refurbishment​



Editor’s Note: In the spirit of transparency and journalistic ethics we at Monorail News feel obligated to remind you that at the time of writing this story has not been corroborated and originated from WDWNT,  a Disney Parks news site that did not provide sources or any information regarding the accuracy of their report. However, this story is so newsworthy that we also feel obligated to inform you of this story.

It has been reported by WDWNT that Epcot’s iconic Spaceship Earth attraction, known to the average park guest as the “giant golf ball,” will undergo a massive overhaul as part of what WDI is calling “Project Gamma,” the massive update that will put the “future” back in Future World.

This refurbishment, if WDWNT is to be believed, will take roughly two and a half years, stretching from early 2020 to mid to late 2022, the parks 40th anniversary. It is rumored that Disney will extend the attraction’s track and possibly even relocate the load and unload areas of the attraction. It is also a possibility that the post-show building will be demolished and replaced with something entirely new.

As for the ride itself, WDWNT, is reporting that every scene beyond the industrial age will be drastically altered, with earlier scenes getting refreshed.

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