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New Credit Card Payment Policy for Disney World Resort Guests to be Enforced Starting Feb. 27th



On February 27th, 2019, all Walt Disney World Resort hotels will have a new payment policy for guests who wish to put a credit card on file that “better aligns with hotel industry practices”. With this new policy, Disney Resort hotels will place incremental authorization holds on the card for estimated incidental expenses (like purchases made on MagicBands that are charged to your room), in addition to any balance due on the reservation.

On the day of arrival, Disney will place an authorization hold on the card for any balance due plus $100 for estimated incidental expenses. If guests have payed their balance, they can expect a $100 hold for incidental expenses. If guest spending exceeds the original $100 hold, additional incremental holds will be added automatically. The authorization holds on the card will never exceed the current balance due plus $100.

Guests will still have the option of not putting a credit card on file, however, they will be unable to charge to their room or MagicBand.

Guests will be advised of the new policy during online check-in through their My Disney Experience account or at the front desk. Guests who have already completed online check-in for stays including or after Feb. 27 will be sent a message later this month, notifying them of the new policy.

This is Disney’s way of reducing fraud, such as guests putting an invalid card on their room and racking up thousands of dollars worth of in-park charges and skipping out on the bill.

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