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Eating My Way Around Disney Springs!



Last Friday my friend and I decided to see how much we could eat at Disney Springs! February 1st, it wasn’t very crowded but there were nice crowds everywhere and the party was happening! There was a fun vibe all around, tons of live music and DJ’s everywhere you turned.

We wanted something quick for dinner because we had many dessert plans! On our way to Chicken Guy we walked past the food trucks and I decided to finally get a corn dog! You may or may not be familiar with the famous hand dipped corn dogs available in Disneyland and the Fantasy Fare food truck is the only Disneyworld spot to grab a hand dipped dog! This thing was so delicious. Hot and greasy and fresh and amazing! It’s normally served with waffle fries but I got it a la carte. (Forgive me, I was so hungry I ate it before I remembered to take a picture.)


Once we made it to chicken guy we decided to share one combo, 3 chicken tenders with fries, and one “shareable” side of the loaded Mac Daddy mac’n’cheese. The chicken was good but nothing too exciting. We got the Special Sauce and the Nashville Hot Honey. I loved the special sauce which tasted like everything you put on a burger mixed up and my friend loved the sweet and sour like Nashville Hot Honey. The fries were on point, they have a little seasoning on them and were perfectly crispy. The star of the show here was the mac’n’cheese. First of all it was a huge portion, definitely could’ve worked for 4 adults. Chicken, bacon, green onions and lots of SMC (Super Melty Cheese)! I will be going back for that mac’n’cheese!


Next up, the gelato window at the newly opened Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill. This window features a menu of adult beverages, all so delicious sounding it’s hard to choose just one. Since I already knew the Mortimer’s Margarita was delicious (yes, please put lime sorbet in my margarita) this time we went with the Sgroppino. Raspberry Sorbet, Vodka and Prosecco. This beverage is large and worth the $13 price tag, however very sweet and I do recommend sharing.


We also grabbed some to-go blondie brownie bites because I can’t resist a blondie brownie. They were very good even though a tiny bit dry, obviously not made that morning but still yummy.

Next quest was AristoCrepes. I was debating a bubble waffle or a gelato creation from Vivoli il Gelato. Debate was over once we got the news that AristoCrepes was out of bubble waffles! Granted we did show up around 10p and they closed at 10:30p, so go early for your bubble waffles!

Onward to Vivoli! Cookies and Cream Red Velvet Sundae, please and thank you. Cookie dough and coffee gelato, Oreo and red velvet cake pieces, cool whip and chocolate sauce. Oh, of course it was in a waffle bowl. This was massive, so shareable and so delicious.


This did us in. I really wanted to try the cereal cupcakes at Sprinkles but my stomach said no! I grabbed a Mickey rice crispie from Goofy’s Candy Co to take back to Louisiana with me and bid farewell to the springs.

With so many options at Disney Springs it’s almost impossible to go wrong. What are some of your favorites?!

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