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DVC Inventory and Point Averages Announced for Disney’s Rivera Resort



Disney has released more information about Disney Vacation Club inventor and point averages at their upcoming Disney’s Rivera Resort.

Disney Vacation Club has filed a series of documents with the Orange County Comptroller. The timeshare declarations filed include all villas on the 5th floor along with the westernmost wing of both the 6th and 7th floors.

Here’s the Villa types that will be available:

  • 48 Lockoff Two-Bedroom Villas
  • 1 Dedicated Studio Villa
  • 4 Three-Bedroom Grand Villas
  • 9 Two-person Tower Studios

Note that 300 rooms will be reserved for the general public when the resort opens, these rooms will be added to the DVC inventory over time.

One thing to note is that DVC Owners booking with points won’t be limited to just those villas. Cast Members will be able place DVC members in any available villa throughout the resort, as long as it matches their original reservation type, and “Standard” and “Preferred” categories will apply for the Studio, One-Bedroom, and Two-Bedroom villas. Tower Studios and Grand Villas do not appear to have any point differential for different views.

Here’s the approximation of points per night for each Villa and category:

  • Tower Studio: 15 points
  • Deluxe Studio, Standard View: 20 points
  • Deluxe Studio, Preferred View: 24 points
  • One-Bedroom, Standard View: 40 points
  • One-Bedroom, Preferred View: 47 points
  • Two-Bedroom, Standard View: 54 points
  • Two-Bedroom, Preferred View: 65 points
  • Grand Villa: 134 points

Interestingly, those looking to buy into Disney’s Riviera Resort will also have the option to purchase Guaranteed Week contracts. For additional points at the initial buy-in, the Guaranteed Week option allows buyers to lock in a specific week for their vacation annually.

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