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Interactive In-Park Games Coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge



Have you ever wanted to access the memory banks of a droid? What about be a scout for a Resistance invasion? Well when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens, you can do that and more with the Play Disney Parks app for iPhone and Android devices.

Guests will be able to align themselves with the Resistance or the First Order and use the app to carry out missions and play games throughout the land. For example, across the entire land, guests will be able to tap into doorway control panels being used as a First Order surveillance system throughout the village outpost.

While waiting to board the Millennium Falcon guests can act as smugglers for a shady intergalactic shipping company. In line for Rise of the Resistance, guests will either go on a mission to scout a Resistance invasion or collect information for the First Order.

There will also be a hacking tool that will allow guests to access the memory banks of droids and interact with devices throughout the land. The scan tool will be able to read shipping labels that reveal what’s inside cargo containers found in ride queues. The translate tool can decipher languages spoken by alien creatures and carved into ancient stone walls. Lastly, The tune tool decodes secret radio transmissions heard throughout the land. A decryption key can unscramble encrypted messages.

An in-app jobs board will connect guests with space pirates who need help recovering lost shipments of space creatures, or First Order lieutenants seeking to snuff out a Resistance uprising, or even rebel leaders recruiting volunteers to thwart a First Order attack. Players will be able to chat with the characters during their mission.

Galactic credits will be awarded for successful missions. Winning players can upgrade their avatars.

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