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Virgin Trains to Build a Station at Walt Disney World



The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that Virgin Trains is going to be building a  station at Walt Disney World o open at about the same time as Virgin Train USA’s Orlando airport station. “It’s our expectation to get it done and to build out to Disney,” said Patrick Goddard, the President of Virgin Trains, about the lines.

Construction is expected to take between 30 to 36 months. And yes, unlike last time, this will happen, they’ve even signed a letter of intent with Disney.

“We’ve had an excellent relationship with Walt Disney World. They are big supporters of our project.”

Sir Richard Branson, founder of the venture-capital Virgin Group had this to say about the upcoming line:

 “Orlando is very important to us. Connecting Orlando to Miami is a real dream. It will transform the lives of many people.”

Additional stations planned include a link to Tampa, and according to company officials, construction will possibly begin while the tracks from West Palm Beach to Orlando are still under construction.

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