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UPDATED: Rumors Fly Ahead of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Opening



UPDATE: The Tweets we originally based this article off of have been retracted and modified. We now are hearing that the canteen will seat 30 guests with a total capacity, including standing room to be 150 people. We assume, based on the updated Tweet that the restaurant is still delayed.

In the spirit of openness, transparency, and the willingness to admit our mistakes, we have included the origional, unedited article below.

As the openings of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Disney Parks grow closer, rumors are in full force around the internet, with questions regarding both when Oga’s Cantina will be ready to open its doors, and whether there will be guest time-limits at the Galaxy’s sure-to-be VERY popular watering hole!

Social media tweets have suggested that, as a result of budget cuts, the sit-down area at Oga’s Cantina won’t be ready for the Galaxy’s Edge grand opening at Disneyland on May 31. Instead, posters believe both Rise of the Resistance and the Cantina will welcome guests later, during the second phase of the Galaxy’s Edge opening.

Another rumor sparking online attention is that Oga’s Cantina will have a one-hour time-limit for guests. As the maximum occupancy for the Cantina is just 30 people, it seems that a time-limit is certainly plausible. In addition, social media speculators believe they will have to finish their White Wampa ale and other alcoholic beverages before they depart Oga’s Cantina so that 60-minute maximum visit is certainly something guests would need to consider if that is, in fact, true.

The universe will await confirmation from Disney on these swirling rumors in the days ahead leading to the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

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