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Rafiki’s Planet Watch Expected to Reopen This August



According to Cast Members, Rafiki’s Planet Watch is set to reopen in late August, this is apparently caused by slow construction on the interior of the Conservation Station.

The Song of the Rainforest booths, which were home to Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas, will be torn down to accommodate a space dedicated to Disney’s heritage of wildlife animation. This new exhibit will showcase how Disney animators have taken inspiration from live animals to ensure accuracy and realism in their animated features and cartoons. They’ll tie this in with historical examples, such as Bambi and The Lion King. In addition, nods to the True-Life Adventures series of original fourteen full-length and short-subject documentary films produced by Walt Disney Productions in the late ’40s and ’60s will also be referenced in the space.

We can’t wait to take the train back to this much overlooked space once again!

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