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Repainted Sleeping Beauty Castle Revealed at Disneyland Park



Disney has taken down the scrims and revealed the magical new paint job on Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland.

“People when they come to Disneyland they expect something that’s different than what they would see on their city streets or in their downtowns,” said Kim Irvine, the Imagineer who headed up the project. “We have to push the color, we have to push the fantasy.”

The most notable visual change is the addition of pixie dust on the center of the castle, “It’s as though the center of the castle has been enchanted,” said Irvine. “It just has a little bit of a feeling like magic.”

Disney has fire-proofed the castle to protect it from evening fireworks and clear coated it to shield the new paint job from the sun’s UV rays. 60 roofers, painters, and scaffolders worked on the castle renovation project, not including the crews that polished brass railings, created banners and repaired light fixtures.

“She is the first. She is perfect just the way she is,” Irvine said. “She’s Walt’s castle so she will always stay the same.”

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