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Woman Struck by Bird Flying Overhead at the Polynesian Village Resort Files Suit Against Disney



Lisa Dixon from Celebration, Florida has filed a lawsuit in Orange Circuit Court against Disney, after suffering a bird attack in 2017 as she walked along the dock at the Polynesian Village Resort in Disney World.

Seeking in excess of $15,000 in unspecified damages, Ms. Dixon claims she suffered a traumatic brain injury and herniated discs in her neck after being what her lawyer described as “dive-bombed” by a bird flying above the dock area at the Polynesian Village Resort. Orlando Lawyer Thomas Schmitt compared the force of the bird hit to Ms. Dixon as to that of being struck in the head by a baseball, and states that as a result, Dixon now needs surgery. According to Schmitt, this injury has affected both Dixon’s ability to focus and her personality, saying that, “It’s changed her life.”

Disney, Mr. Schmitt insists, should be familiar with the seasonal nesting birds that fly above their resort and realize that they are a threat to their guests. Ms. Dixon’s lawsuit accuses Disney of not keeping the Polynesian’s dock area safe for visitors, not properly warning guests of the potential dangers created by birds flying overhead, and creating a false sense of security for Dixon and other resort patrons, as well as other allegations.

Disney has not yet officially commented on the lawsuit or the bird attack, but a company spokeswoman said Disney will respond to Dixon’s allegations in court at the proper time.

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