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Joe Rohde Explains Why There Aren’t Wheelchair-Accessible Boats on Na’vi River Journey



Netizens who frequent #DisTwitter, may have come across a few of acclaimed Imagineer Joe Rohde’s tweets.

This time, Mr. Rohde sounded off on the lack of wheelchair-accessible boats on Na’vi River Journey. According to Mr. Rohde, the positioning of the attraction within the show-building that houses both Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey didn’t allow for wider boats, which, naturally, would have required wider channels of water.

Now, at the same time, Mr. Rohde sounded off on why Disney chose to refer to the creatures on which you ride in Flight of Passage “banshees” rather than the name the natives of Pandora call them, “ikrans.”

Mr. Rohde also retweeted this interesting tweet about the upcoming Disney Plus show about Imagineering.

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