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Disney Skyliner Still Closed As Investigation Following System Breakdown Continues



The Disney Skyliner continues to remain closed today after a collision of gondolas resulted from the sudden stop of an empty car on the system on Saturday evening.

According to a Disney spokesperson, an empty gondola on one of the three routes of the Skyliner system experienced sudden “unexpected downtime,” resulting in another empty car bumping into it. Apparently five gondolas in total were involved in a series of small crashes following the system “malfunction.”

As reported by the Reedy Creek Improvement District, three Guests were taken to area hospitals following the incident, and all were released. Disney issued a statement apologizing for the situation, and explained that they “are working with each Guest individually regarding impacts to their visit with us.”

Due to the ongoing investigation, the Disney Skyliner system is closed, with no announcement yet on when the gondolas may reopen for Guests.

Doppelmayr, the company who built the new transportation system at Disney World, has been working at Disney’s Riviera Resort Skyliner station, where the incident occurred. Safety measures are in place to prevent people from entering the gondolas themselves, and the Skyliner stations remain closed to the public.

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