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Cast Member Costumes Revealed for Disney’s Riviera Resort



With the grand opening of Disney’s Riviera Resort less than a month away, everyone is sharing in the excitement of the resort that celebrates European Riviera design and style. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a first look at some of the fashionable new Disney cast costumes created to complement the resort’s Riviera aesthetic.

Walt Disney Imagineering partnered with Costuming to create a fashion-forward collection that captures the essence of Disney’s Riviera Resort. The new costumes were revealed at a special cast member runway-style fashion show at the resort.

The costume designs were inspired by the landscapes, colors and art of the European Riviera. The designers also looked to Hollywood stars, artists and creators, including Walt Disney, who visited the Riviera and reflected their travels in their style.

Similar to the design of the resort, apparel pieces have a modern Riviera appeal, with classic and current nods. Ensembles are stylish and sophisticated and contemporary to today’s Mediterranean Riviera.

Some of the design features that are key to the collection are a color palette of Mediterranean blues and whites with bright pops of color, clean silhouettes, modern tailoring and attention to layers of details including crisp piping, art inspired accents and themed accessories.

Beautiful fabrics and rich details are tailored for cast comfort and take modern-day function into account. There are also customizable costume options, including a “mix and match” collection of pieces for some resort areas that can be restyled for individual flexibility and differentiation.

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