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Heavy Crowds at Disneyland Result in the Formation of Single Rider Line for Star Tours



With record-breaking crowds causing extremely long wait times at Disneyland’s attractions this holiday season, a Single Rider Line was recently opened up for Star Tours to move more Guests through the ride each day. During the past few weeks, this Tomorrowland fixture has been seeing wait times well over an hour.

The Single Rider Line has been operating both early in the day and again during the evening hours at Star Tours.

Visitors entering the Single Rider Line use part of the route for disabled Guests, which then leads them down a hall to wait for passage onto a Starspeeder 1000 cabin. Although Cast Members don’t promise Guests a quick entrance onto Star Tours, they certainly encourage them to give it a try if they are riding solo.

With the Christmas release of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” Star Tours has recently been reimagined with the addition of a new scene based on the film. Along with the huge crowds at Disneyland these last few weeks, this update has resulted in newfound interest in this Tomorrowland attraction. Hopefully the Single Rider Line should allow more Guests to experience new Star Tours at Disneyland during this busiest of busy seasons!

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