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It’s Official: Epcot is now EPCOT!



During last year’s D23 Expo, Disney revealed a new Epcot Logo: EPCOT, which is not only featured on all of the Park’s new merchandise but across all of the construction areas during the Park’s ongoing major transformation as well. Today, Disney has announced that this logo is, in fact, the new name of the Park.

Logo comparison by Brand New

In what could be seen as a return to the Park’s original name, the logo for EPCOT is now officially in all uppercase letters, as it was when EPCOT Center first opened to Guests in October of 1982. Initially, the Park’s name was an acronym for Experimental Protoype Community of Tomorrow, and embraced Walt Disney’s vision for the Park as a utopian community of the future.

Logo comparison by Brand New

Disney changed the Park name in the mid-90’s to Epcot ’94, then Epcot ’95, and finally to just Epcot.

Though it might take some time for Disney to entirely transition to the new logo throughout EPCOT and its website, this seems to be yet another exciting step in the reimagining of the Park, while paying tribute to Walt Disney’s dream for the original EPCOT.

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