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Disney Updates Mobile Order With Arrival Windows, Apple Pay, Disney Gift Card Redemption



Disney just pushed an exciting update to the My Disney Experience app! Well, exciting if you like Apple Pay and Disney gift cards, anyway. Here’s what’s new:

Arrival Windows

Disney has added a new feature designed to help with social distancing called Arrival Windows. This feature requires guests to select a time frame for when they’d like to come and pick up their food. This feature is already in use at the Disneyland Resort and should help Disney maintain social distancing.

New Payment Options

Guests using Mobile Ordering will also notice new payment options, including Apple Pay, Disney gift card redemption, and Disney Rewards Redemption.

The ability to use Apple Pay is rather prominent, appearing before guests reach the checkout page that allows for the use of regular credit cards, gift cards, and Disney Reward Redemption.

This move is in line with Disney’s push toward cashless payments.

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