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Amid COVID-19 Surge, Orange County Leaves Decision to Move Forward With Reopening to Disney World and Governor DeSantis



As select Disney Resorts begin to welcome Guests and Cast Members return to work in preparation for Disney World’s grand reopening on July 11, the state of Florida has been experiencing a severe spike in COVID-19 cases.

On Tuesday, the number of positive COVID-19 test results was over 5500, a single-day record for the state. The positivity rate in Orange County surged from 5.9% on June 10th to 17.3% yesterday, and with Florida bars, restaurants and some theme parks now open, the state’s median age for confirmed COVID-19 cases has now dropped to just 34 years old.

Despite the alarming trends in COVID-19 cases, CNN correspondent Cristina Alesci posted on Twitter that an Orange County official insisted the County has “no plans to revisit a decision to reopen Disney’s Parks in Florida. ‘That decision rests with @Disney officials and the Governor,’ said the spokesperson.”

As Guests continue to book Park tickets through Disney’s online reservation system for later this summer, Disney and Governor DeSantis will surely be monitoring the data closely over the weeks leading up to July 11.

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