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Governor DeSantis Says Walt Disney World is Safe to Reopen



Governor DeSantis said in a press conference today that Walt Disney World is a “safe environment” and is good to reopen as planned on the 11th and the 15th.

The theme parks have been doing great. I mean, Universal… if you look at what they’re doing… and that’s, I think, the lesson: We have to have society function. You can have society function in a way that keeps people safe. And when you have all of the different procedures that they have in place, people are going to be—it’s a safe environment. Disney, I have no doubt is going to be a safe environment. I think that where you start to see the spread is just in social situations where people let their guard down. Usually like a private party or something like that. So that’s kind of what we’ve seen. But I think that the folks that put a premium on safety, that’s showing you that, you know, we’re able to handle this, have society function, you still want people going to work… but do it in a way that takes some basic precautions. I’m really impressed with what Universal’s done, and I’ve looked at Disney’s plan and it is very, very thorough.

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