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Fight Over COVID-19 Mask Rule Leads to Arrest of an Orlando Man at Walt Disney World



The Orlando Sentinel reported today that an Orlando man was arrested on August 14 after striking an Epcot security guard who reminded him of the Disney Park’s mask rule.

According to an Orange County sheriff’s report, Enrico Toro, 35, has been charged with misdemeanor battery after hitting the Epcot Cast Member in the head and threatening to kill him. As noted in the report, three witnesses who observed the incident said Toro became “irate” with the security guard, used profanity and hit the Epcot employee in the head. Toro states in the arrest report that the security guard swore at him and the two men argued, but nothing else occurred.

Enrico Toro (Courtesy of the Orange County Corrections)

The 29-year old Disney security guard told the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that Toro and his family arrived at Epcot security about 4:40 pm on August 14. The family wore “improper masks” and were asked to leave. They returned to their car, and then once again approached the security gate, but one child still wore a non-compliant mask. Toro “began cussing,” recounted the security guard, and told him to, “Call the police. They will have to shoot me to leave.”

When the security guard reached for his phone to notify his supervisor of the escalating situation, Toro struck his head with an “open hand,” according to the report. Toro’s wife then pushed her husband away from the Epcot Cast Member.

The arrest report states the male then “continued cussing at (the security guard) and began threatening that he knew where he lived and was going to kill him.”

After his wife finally convinced him to leave the Park, Toro and his family walked toward the Epcot parking lot. The security guard then contacted his supervisor, and the sheriff’s deputies at Disney were called to the scene. Reportedly, the Epcot employee was willing to press charges, resulting in Toro’s arrest.

Following the altercation and subsequent arrest of Toro at Epcot, Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger issued the following statement:

“We expect Guests to treat our Cast Members with courtesy and respect, and while the vast majority of Guests have adapted to our new measures, this unfortunate case required law enforcement.”

The crime report citing the altercation and assault of the security guard at Epcot by a Guest over the Disney mask rule is the first of its kind, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

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