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Disney Parks, Experiences and Products to Lay Off 28,000 Cast Members and Employees

Disney has just announced that they will be drastically cutting their Parks, Experiences, and Products workforce in response to...

How YOU Can Help Laid Off Cast Members During These Difficult Times

Today’s news of massive division-wide layoffs at Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products shocked many of us. It unmoored 28,000...

Disney to Lay Off 411 Imagineers

According to WARN Act documents Disney is laying off 411 Imagineers at their Glendale campus as part of the...

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  1. I’m extremely disappointed Disney has chosen to turn their back on Disney fan’s all over the State of Florida. I know each person has their story but this Disney fan planned half my life to live close enough to Disney World to visit every day if I wanted. This year my dream was realized when my wife and I retired and live only a half-hour away only to have my dream ripped from my grasp.

  2. My annual pass expired 3/11/20 and I was not permitted to purchase a new AP since it expired prior to the shutdown 3/16/20. I spoke with several agents and none were able to make an exception (today 12/11/20)