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Disney and Vodafone to Launch Neo, a Disney Smartwatch for Kids



Disney and Vodafone, a European mobile carrier, have just announced the launch of a new smartwatch for kids called the Neo.

This made for kids smartwatch features Disney character “sidekicks” that animate throughout the day such as Buzz Lightyear, Minnie Mouse, and The Child. Vodafone says that they will continue to add new Disney sidekicks after the smartwatch launches next year at no additional cost.

Neo will allow parents to create a trusted “circle” of contacts for their child to text and call. Parents will also be able to limit screen time with “quiet mode.” In addition, to foster a sense of independence, the smartwatch will also feature calendar updates, weather tracking, and more.

The Neo will be released in Europe early next year, where it’s expected to retail for £99 with £7-a-month subscription.

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