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Disney’s New “Five Keys” Training Logo Makes Its Debut



The Walt Disney Company launched its new “Five Keys” logo today, and the newest addition to Disney’s “key” training concepts is front and center.

In order to drive meaningful cultural change not only within their company but also in their interactions with Guests, Disney announced last September that they would be adding the key of “inclusion” to their existing four keys of Cast Member training.

Recognizing that inclusion must be at the center of everything they do as a company, the “Inclusion Key” is appropriately centered in both of the Disney logo graphics as seen above, emphasizing its importance as a concept that both stands alone and also at the heart of the other four keys as well. Rather than fitting into the hierarchy of the keys of Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency, Inclusion’s dominant presence in the logos represents the vital need to practice inclusivity with and between both employees and Guests alike.

As part of their inclusivity initiative, Disney has already announced the reimagining of two major attractions at its Theme Parks. Both Splash Mountain and Jungle Cruise will be undergo some thematic and character script changes as part of the Company’s purposeful inclusion movement.

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