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Disney+ Roundup Featuring Falcon and the Winter Solider



This is a big week people! It’s the premier of Falcon and the Winter Solider on Disney+ along with a great chance to catch your breath and catch up on some classics!

Falcon and the Winter Solider

The debut episode is a return to form for Marvel and is packed full of awesome action sequences, crazy Stark tech, dubiously motivated government officials. The episode begins with a classic Marvel battle scene that introduces a new group of baddies, seemingly similar to Hydra, that I imagine will be the primary threat throughout the series, but I’ll leave that for you to find out more about when you watch the episode today

On Saturday, we’ll have our spoiler filled podcast review on Magic Time by Monorail News which you can access by subscribing to the show in your favorite podcast listening app.

Rating: 9.5/10. Get ready to take flight.

Oldies but Goodies

Don’t forget that you can also kick back and relax with some classic Disney movies and TV. We recommend anything from the Disney Renaissance, like Beauty and The Beast, Little Mermaid, or The Lion King.

Other Disney+ Premiers

  • Disney Big Hero 6: The Series (Season 3)
  • Disney Secrets of Sulphur Springs: If I Could Turn Back Time
  • Mexico Untamed (Season 1)

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