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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Canceled Plans for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Table Service Restaraunt, Bounty Hunter Ride, Bantha Ride, and More Revealed



Disney is releasing a new book focused on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s concept art on April 27th called “The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge*” that features over 200 pieces of concept art for the land.

As part of the book, we now have details about some of the scrapped experiences that were planned to be part of the land.

Kalikori Club

This would have been the land’s table service restaurant and would have been set in a two-level bathhouse and would be a sort of a speakeasy location located behind Oga’s Cantina. We can only imagine what sort of shady deals would have gone on here.

Spice Den

Also scrapped was the Spice Den lounge. This lounge would have sported a two-story aquarium with a large monster that lived inside. 

Bounty Hunter Ride

An early ride concept included a bounty hunter chase ride. This attraction would have had guests hop on a speeder with authorities in hot pursuit.

Bantha Ride

Another ride that was actually announced for the land at D23 was a Bantha attraction in the vein of the PeopleMover but was later scrapped. 

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