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Bob Chapek Announces Increase in Walt Disney World Park Capacity and Hints at New Mask Policy



During Disney’s earnings call today Bob Chapek briefly spoke about park capacity and made a rather large announcement, namely that park capacity had already been increased and that they would ‘immediately’ open up more availability in their Park Pass reservation system.

He also made reference to the “daunting” prospect of wearing masks in the Florida heat, possibly hinting at a policy change at some point this summer, although that’s just speculation on our part.

Take a look at the full quote:

In terms of the parks, and when we’re going to sort of be able to raise our capacity limits, we’ve actually already started that, given the guidance that just came today, from the CDC, and earlier guidance that we got from the governor of Florida, we’ve already started to increase our capacities.

Obviously today’s guidance that we got from the CDC in terms of those that were vaccinated do not necessarily need to wear masks anymore, both outdoors and indoors, is very big news for us, particularly if anybody’s been in Florida in the middle of the summer with a mask on. That could be quite daunting. 

So we think that’s going to make for an even more pleasant experience and we believe that as we’re now bringing back a lot of people back to work, that it’s going to be an even bigger catalyst for growth in attendance, and we’ve been quite pleased to date. 

So I think you’re going to see an immediate increase in the number of folks that were able to admit into our parks through our reservation systems that we recently implemented. So we’re very, very excited about that.

Bob Chapek

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