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Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, Says Disney Genie is MyMagic+ ‘on Steroids’



Disney CEO Bob Chapek gave some small hints about the upcoming Disney Genie app coming to Walt Disney World later this year as part of the Resort’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

He said that the app will be “MyMagic+ on steroids” and confirmed that Genie will allow guests to spend less time waiting in line.

Here’s all he had to say:

“Additionally we’ve made significant investments in sophisticated technology and tools, created a revolutionary new multi-tiered service we’re calling Disney Genie. We’re very, very excited about the new service. We’ll be providing additional details soon. The goal will appear in the user-friendly app is to create a better, more personalized, and customized experience for guests. Putting them in control and providing even greater flexibility and choice. They will be able to spend less time waiting in line and figuring out what attractions and dining options are available and more time having fun.

Ben, you used the correct word transformational. MyMagic+ was sticking our toe in the pond of this type of transformational work. Disney Genie is the program on steroids. This is going to revolutionize the experience. Guests are going to spend less time waiting and more time having fun in the parks with a dramatically-improved guest experience that’s going to make their navigation of their day and planning of their day much easier. Essentially it is going to take the consumer preferences that we note from our consumers, given what we note from them and blend that with basically industrial engineering data in terms of how the park is operating that day and meld them together to make suggestions on the fly that not only will lead to the improved guest experience and lead to substantial commercial opportunities for us as the guest navigates their days. It is certainly qualifies in my mind for materiality and transformational impact on our business from the yield stand point.”

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