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Disney Shares More Details On Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge Aboard Its Newest Cruise Ship



Guests of the Disney Wish will be able to immerse themselves in the world of a Star Wars’ inspired cantina when the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet sets sail next summer, and this week Disney revealed a little more of what is in store for those aboard its truly next-level cruise ship experience.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge will be accessed through a metallic gold-lined archway from the Grand Hall of the Disney Wish, a transition into the dark antechamber Disney’s Senior Creative Director Danny Handke describes as a “palette cleanser,” before Guests step through airlock doors into the Lounge.

Once inside, concept art for Hyperspace Lounge depicts a large window through which Guests can see a constantly changing view of outer space. Planets from the Star Wars’ universe, such as Coruscant, Mustafar, and Tatooine will all be visible, as well as ships such as the Halcyon, from Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser , Walt Disney World’s new resort experience also opening next year.

Patrons of Hyperspace Lounge will also see a Holotube showcasing a variety of holographic ship models, including ‘The Ghost’ from Star Wars: Rebels.

Every 7-10 minutes, Hyperspace Lounge will jump sideways through hyperspace – but not to worry, motion sickness-prone Guests: scenes on the screen of Hyperspace Lounge move in sync with the ship’s movement to prevent any queasiness in its passengers.

Colorful liquids and custom glass bottles are on full display in this elegant cantina, which serves up its own signature cocktails and provides interactive drink-tasting experiences. Many beers are also offered, with each beer tap designed as a nod to the beer’s home planet.

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge will be open all day to Guests aboard the Disney Wish, and then become an adult-only venue at night. Music in the Lounge will feature the Star Wars’ iconic score by John Williams during the daytime hours, followed by more “cantina” music for evening Guests to enjoy.

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