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Beauty and The Beast Attraction Coming To Toyko Disneyland



The Oriental Land Company has released details on their expansion yo Tokyo Disneyland. This expansion, which will be the largest in the park’s history, will cover Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Toontown. The estimated budget is 75 billion Japanese Yen, which coverts to be around $664,908,750. 

Concept art for the park
Concept art for Tokyo Disneyland expansion.


Fantasyland will be adding a new sub-land themed to the classic, animated version of Beauty and the Beast. This themed area will include a brand new ride, Le Tavern de Gaston (a restaurant), a large-scale indoor theatre, Le Petit Popper (popcorn wagon), and the Village Shoppes. The Village Shoppes will be a shopping area with three different stores- La Belle LibairrieLittle Town Traders, and Bonjour Gifts.

Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast

Tokyo Disneyland invites you to be their guest in this upcoming 8-minute long attraction, Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast. Join Belle, the Beast, and all of your friends as you enter the iconic castle from the movie and be swept off on a “romantic musical adventure.”

This dark ride will be a first for any Disney park. The attraction will also feature Belle and the Beast as full audio-animatronics, with other featured large-scale animatronics throughout the ride, as well as small-scale animated props. To ensure the animatronics’ motions were as close to the iconic movie as possible, the Imagineers working on Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast worked with Walt Disney Animation Studios to bring the actual animations from the movie and program them into the animatronics.

Beauty and the Beast ride
Beauty and the Beast ride
Belle animatronic

As exciting as the audio-animatronics are, the ride vehicle is equally impressive. These vehicles will feature a trackless ride system. This will create the effect of the ride vehicle dancing, ice skating, and interacting with the characters and story. Designed to look like a teacup, each vehicle has two rows: one with four seats in the front and six in the back.

Beauty and the Beast Ride
Ride Vehicle for Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast.
Beauty and the Beast ride
Beauty and the Beast ride
Beauty and the Beast ride

Fantasyland Forest Theatre

Also opening in the Fantasyland section of the park will be the first full-scale indoor theatre for the park. With entertainment created specifically for Tokyo Disneyland, guests can expect to see all of their favorite Disney pals. The theming of the theatre has been described as a “storybook theatre environment.”


Tomorrowland will also be getting a new ride, a popcorn shop, and a new merchandise wagon called Stargazer Supplies.

The Happy Ride with Baymax

Join your favorite fist-bumping personal healthcare assistant on Baymax’s all-new ride! Themed to Big Hero 6 in the Tomorrowland area of the park, this musical “whip ride” will swing guests around and around at random times.

The Big Pop

It’s not truly Disney if there aren’t popcorn buckets. With this new outer space themed shop, The Big Pop, guests can expect just that! With popcorn coming in multiple flavors, guests can also purchase their popcorn with different popcorn buckets.


Minnie’s Style Studio

In Toontown, guests can experience the first Disney Character greeting facility where they can meet Minnie Mouse! “Fashion Designer” Minnie will be dressed in her very own creations and will be greeting and taking pictures with guests.

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