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The Incredibles Are Coming to Pixar Place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios



Starting January 18th, Pixar Place will become a city block right out of Metroville as part of the limited-time Incredible Celebration!

During the event, guests will be able to enjoy activities such as:

The Edna Mode Experience:

Edna’s got a full pop-up gallery, complete with some of her most avant-garde suit designs on display. Browse through her collection of suits and awards, and then get to meet the super designer herself!

Where’s Jack-Jack?:

Try your hand at finding Jack-Jack by following a trail of evidence only a super-powered baby could’ve left behind. There’ll be a special hashtag set up for the event for you to follow along via social media as well!

The Super Shindig:

Get ready to dance alongside Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Elastigirl in this Municiberg dance party!

Also get ready to meet Mike and Sulley in Walt Disney Presents beginning January 18th!

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