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Mickey Premium Bars Coming to a Grocery Store Near You



Fans of Disney Parks ice cream treats rejoice! Disney and Nestle are bringing the iconic Mickey Premium Bar to your home with a limited edition grocery version.


Each box contains 6 classic Mickey Ice Cream Bars. Note, they are scaled down for in-home enjoyment, these bars are 3 oz. each, whereas the ones you can find in the parks ones are about 4 oz. each. Guests can rest easy knowing that they are saving money buying them at the grocery where they’ll sell for $7.49 for 6, 3 oz. bars, versus $5.75 for 1, 4 oz. bar.

Screen-Shot-2019-01-08-at-10.44.57-AM.png Be on the lookout for these bars at your local grocer in the coming weeks and months, and when you find them, post about it in our free Discord.

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