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Disney to Close Another FastPass+ Loophole



Well, it sure has been eye opening to see all of the ways people have been abusing the systems across Disney properties.

Today it has been reported by internal sources that Disney plans to end one type of FastPass+ abuse this Monday February 4th, 2019. As Disney fans will know, guests with Walt Disney World Resort hotel reservations are allowed to book FastPass+ 60 days in advance, it appears that some guests have been abusing the system by cancelling the resort reservation due to Disney having a 30 day cancellation grace period that allowed guests to keep the coveted 60 day FastPass+ bookings.

The official announcement is expected to come from Disney on Monday when the new policy goes into effect. The new policy will cancel all FastPass+ reservations associated with the resort reservation that is cancelled. This loophole closure comes right on time to help protect the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge attraction FastPass+ reservations which surely will be some of the most sought after fast passes ever!

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