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Price Increase for Most Theme-Park Tickets at Walt Disney World



Walt Disney World has announced a raise in theme-park ticket prices in February or March each year since 2015, and this year has proven no different.  Today, a price hike was announced for most single-day park tickets, and depending upon what time of the year you visit the parks, the price increase ranges from $3 to $20.

Last fall, Walt Disney World introduced a brand new ticket-pricing system that adjusts the price of the tickets based on the time of year.  Basically, the busier the season, the more expensive the single-day ticket.  Therefore, tickets for single-park visits between Christmas and New Year’s are the most expensive, as that is THE busiest time of year at Walt Disney World.  Spring and summer break, and Thanksgiving week prove to be more moderately busy, while attendance is at its “lightest “in both early fall and early winter.  Disney believes their date-based pricing system will give budget-conscious visitors the ability to plan their vacations at less-expensive times of the year, while hopefully allowing Disney to manage high demand and spread park attendance throughout the year.

With the newly-revealed rates,  a single-day ticket for the holiday week will now cost adult visitors $159, up from the previous price of $139. Adults visiting during spring or summer breaks, or during Thanksgiving week, will see an increase in ticket prices to a single park ranging from $3-$10.  The lowest-priced single ticket for the slowest times of the year remains at $109.

Of course, these increases result in a price hike for Disney’s “Park Hopper” tickets as well. “Park Hopper” tickets allow guests to visit more than one theme park in a single day.  Depending on the time of year, a single-day “Park Hopper” could cost as much as $219.  Of course, purchasing multi-day theme-park tickets is a less expensive option, as the longer you stay, the less you pay each day.  A 10-day ticket will now cost between $47- $61 per day, for a total of $470-$610 per pass.

In addition, Walt Disney World has raised the price for its annual water parks’ pass price from $130-$139, although the annual pass price for theme-park tickets remains the same.

Today’s announcement of theme-part ticket increases follows the opening date news from Walt Disney World last week for “Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge,” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The highly-anticipated Star Wars Land will be open to guests on August 29, to crowds that many predict to be the largest ever for any Disney attraction debut.


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