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Celebrate International Left Handers Day at Disney Springs



Did you know only about 12% of the population is left-handed, including the author of this article? While it may sound like a small number Disney is celebrating in a big way because August 13 marks International Left Handers Day! 

For those of you celebrating today, we have the perfect spot where everything is just right—for left-handers! Lefty’s—The Left Hand Store is a one-of-a-kind concept that can only be found at Disney Springs and in San Francisco. The original store opened in 1978 on PIER 39 and was the very first store in the United States to specialize in products for left-handers. Their second location at Disney Springs opened in 2011 in the Marketplace and has been delighting guests ever since with their collection of unique lefty gifts and everyday tools. 

Merchandise from Lefty’s—The Left Hand Store at Disney Springs

Some of their best sellers include left-handed pens, pencils and scissors which are hot commodities during the back-to-school season for kids. Another favorite is the custom “dribble” mug—watch out righties, because this mug has a hole on the side that will dribble liquid if a right-handed person uses it. You’ll also find a collection of t-shirts, cooking utensils, tools, and more. 

Tape Measure from Lefty’s—The Left Hand Store at Disney Springs

Whether you’re lucky enough to be part of this special group or you’re shopping for the lefty in your life, you’ll uncover an amazing selection of practical products and novelty gifts at this unique destination. Click here to read more about the Lefty’s store and view more of their curated collection. Happy International Left Hander’s Day from Disney Springs! 

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