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“Can I Call My Mom?” More Video Emerges of Patrick Spikes, AKA BackDoorDisney, Being Detained Following Attempt to Conceal Evidence After Police Questioning



Longer video has emerged of Patrick Spikes being tackled and detained by police following an attempt by Mr. Spikes to conceal evidence from the police. Video up to this point had already been seen by many, however, few have seen what followed.

Thanks to WFTV in Orlando, we have more video and information.

The video depicts Mr. Spikes being tackled on the ground.

The officers retrieved Mr. Spikes phone and then lift him onto his feet, Mr. Spikes then said “OK. I’m going to cooperate.” 

Officers detained him using handcuffs. 

“Can I call my mom and tell her that…” Mr. Spikes asked. “You’re an adult, correct? You’re not calling your mom. Stay there,” the officer replied, cutting him off.

Mr. Spikes then beings hyperventilating and says that he can’t breathe. The officers talk Mr. Spikes through the process of slowing his breathing and getting him water.

Mr. Spikes claimed to have asthma but said he didn’t have his inhaler with him. 

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