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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Is Disney Testing X-Wing Drones to Fly Over Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge???



Add this to the “What else will they think of?” column: just when you thought Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge could not get any cooler, is reporting something that – if their sources are correct – will definitely prove you wrong:

It appears that Disney is currently testing two, SUV-sized X-Wing drones to fly over Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Over the past few weeks, a temporary tent has been built under a lot of security in the DHS Cast Member parking lot, and apparently, this is the work site for the X-Wing drone project.

Sadly, according to inside sources, these X-Wing drones will NOT be seen by Disney Guests, but will, in fact, be a part of yet another exclusive event for the media covering Disney’s billion-dollar land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The X-Wing drones will be utilized during the media grand opening of Rise of the Resistance at WDW, and will be added to the list of spectacular experiences at media-only events hosted by Disney, such as a battle stunt show at Disneyland’s SWGE grand opening, and a walk-around Hondo Ohnaka character at DHS’s SWGE opening last summer. Nevertheless, it appears that media at the Rise of the Resistance launch event will witness some pretty amazing technology.

As seen in the photos below, the evidence seems to support that the tent, shipping containers and fence in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios Cast Member parking lot all scream ‘temporary project underway:’

At times, a portion of the BB-8 lot believed to be being used for testing seems to be off-limits to Cast Members, who usually use this entire lot for parking every day.

Looking more closely at the BB-8, it seems that light poles have been removed to allow for a safe airspace. Temporary lighting rigs are moved into the lot for Cast Members, and then rolled away for drone testing. There are also new markings in the parking lot’s lanes.

In determining that this drone show will be only temporary, also points out that although Disney was granted a waiver to operate drones in November 2016, that permit only applies to smaller drones – not drones the size of those in the pictures below. Additionally, with no real infrastructure in place near SWGE for a permanent drone show of this size (nearly half of the BB-88 lot is cleared right now), it would seem that the X-Wing drones will most likely be used for a media event only, or at the very most, for a couple of days after the grand opening of Rise of the Resistance.

But, who knows what the Imagineers have planned for the drones’ future.. a girl can dream, right? I mean, look at these pictures:

According to reports, the two X-Wing drones are being tested together, which may mean they will fly together during the exclusive show….again, each is about the size of an SUV! When they take to the skies, as shown below, they are lit internally, serving to fade the drone parts away into the darkness so we can only see the massive X-Wing fighters flying across the black night!

Looking down from above Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, these photos show the top of Rise of the Resistance. As there was for the Disneyland grand opening media event, temporary lighting seems to be set in place in anticipation of the December launch.

So with or without X-Wing drones, Guests will certainly be amazed and impressed when they visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios next month to experience yet another new major attraction at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. But here’s hoping, someday in the not too distant future……

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Price

    December 7, 2019 at 3:26 pm

    Sadly, Much like The battle stunt show at Disneyland’s SWGE grand opening, and the walk-around Hondo Ohnaka character at DHS’s SWGE opening last summer The X-Wing drones will NOT be seen by normal Disney parks Guests and will once again only be a part of yet another media event, because Disney is Stupid and dosen’t care about its customers! This is unacceptable! Disney You have the money to make these things become a reality! STOP acting like you don’t! Give us the roaming Aliens (I.E The walk-around Hondo Ohnaka), the roaming droids, Give us FREE ENTERTAINMENT FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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