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Tokyo Disneyland to Debut Brand New Monorail on May 21st, with a Behind-the-Scenes Video Peek at its Creation



Tokyo Disneyland has announced the launch of the first of five new monorails on May 21, 2020. The new “Type C” monorail, which carries 6 cars, will be the first added to the Resort transportation system at Tokyo Disneyland since 2001. Four more trains will join Tokyo’s line by the end of fiscal year 2024.

Guests aboard the new monorail trains will enjoy a better view of the Resort through larger, Mickey-shaped windows. Take a look inside below:

To mark the debut date of the new monorail, Tokyo Disneyland also released a video chronicling the creation and delivery of its upcoming addition to the monorail system. Catch a glimpse of how the monorail car was made, and the different modes of transportation it took to get it to its final Disney destination here:

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