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Coronavirus Prompts the Walt Disney Travel Company to Waive Change Fees for Vacation Packages



On the day that the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a global pandemic, the Walt Disney Travel Company has announced that it will waive its change fees for those wishing to move their reservations to a later time this year. In the face of growing concern about the spread and possible duration of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Walt Disney Travel Company will remove the usual $50 fee charged to people changing their reservations to new dates, and allow the free rescheduling of reservations to “a future date in 2020.”

“Walt Disney Travel Company is making a temporary adjustment to its policy on change fees for Walt Disney World® and Disneyland® Resort vacations. The following applies only to leisure package bookings made through Walt Disney Travel Company. Until further notice, Disney will waive the Disney-imposed $50 change fee for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort packages. Guests may move their reservation to a future date in 2020.

Changes are subject to availability, and the guest is responsible for paying any increase in price resulting from the change. In addition, any change fees assessed by third-party hotels or other suppliers must be paid, and some products or services may be non-refundable. If air transportation has been ticketed, the guest will be responsible for any increase in airfare as well as any change fee assessed by the airline.

For clients who purchased travel insurance, there is an updated policy in effect until further notice: Up to 24 hours prior to arrival, Guests may modify their arrival dates and maintain coverage under the protection policy as long as there is not a claim on the original travel dates.

Some events and dining experiences may not be offered on the new dates and may be non-refundable.

This temporary policy does not apply to changes made for groups, meetings, and other room block bookings.

If a vacation is cancelled, all applicable cancellation fees continue to apply.

To change (or cancel) reservations, please call the Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort call center.”

Those struggling with whether or not to proceed with their Disney vacations as planned will certainly be relieved to know they now have the fee-free option to change their travel to another time this year. Updates on the status of all of the Disney Parks worldwide are expected often as news of the Coronavirus continues to develop.

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