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REVIEW: Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Epsiode #1



Tomorrow Marvel fans around the world will be treated to the first episode of Marvel’s second Disney+ original show, Falcon and the Winter Solider and expectations are high following the tremendous success of WandaVision and let me say, in my opinion, the first episode of Falcon lives up to the hype but leaves many questions unanswered, as any good show should.

The episode is a return to form for Marvel and is packed full of awesome action sequences, crazy Stark tech, dubiously motivated government officials. The episode begins with a classic Marvel battle scene that introduces a new group of baddies, seemingly similar to Hydra, that I imagine will be the primary threat throughout the series, but I’ll leave that for you to find out more about when you watch the episode tomorrow.

The episode continues to be action packed but also slows down at times to allow for character growth and to introduce new characters, namely the family of one of our protagonists, which provides some insight into the lives of the Avengers after the death of their leader and patron, Tony Stark, and is much welcomed from me, as the nitty gritty of the nuts and bolts of the MCU really, really interests me.

On Saturday, we’ll have our spoiler filled podcast review on Magic Time by Monorail News which you can access by subscribing to the show in your favorite podcast listening app.

Rating: 9.5/10. Get ready to take flight.

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