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REVIEW: “22 Vs. Earth”



This Friday Pixar will be releasing their latest animated short on Disney+, “22 Vs Earth” featuring the lovable soul from “Soul” voiced by Tina Fey.

Set many years before the events of the movie, this hilarious short sees 22 try and form a gang of souls who won’t abandon her to Earth like everyone else the minute they get their Earth Pass.

Along the way 22 and her ragtag gang of souls maybe even learn something about life along the way.

This short is packed full of laugh out loud moments despite it’s short five minute runtime. I was literally laughing out loud watching alone. The best bit was about the meaning of life at the end, it was just perfect!

The short stays true to the mood and the spirit of the Academy Award Winning Film and serves as a bite sized prequel. Personally, I could see a series of shorts based around 22’s misadventures in The Great Before simular to the “Mater” shorts Pixar made after the success of the Cars franchise.

Rating: 10/10. Laugh out loud.

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