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REVIEW: Disney+’s “Loki” is a Streaming Marvel



Tomorrow, you’ll have the chance to see the first episode of what might be the most anticipated streaming show of the summer, Disney+’s “Loki” starring Tom Huddleston and Owen Wilson.

“Loki” introduces both Loki and the viewer to a new intergalactic organization, the TVA which is tasked with maintaining the “sacred timeline,” in doing this they utilize a wide variety of time altering devices, often to comical effect at Huddleston’s expense.

Speaking of Huddleston, he is fantastic as Loki. This is peak Loki, if you will. Having not seen any Huddleston content since “The Avengers,” I was blown away by his performance, wondering where this wonderful character had been all this time, of course, thanks to the TVA I didn’t wonder for long.

The TVA is, to me, the most interesting element of the show thus far (I’ve seen episodes one and two) in part because it adds a whole new dimension to the MCU. Learning that there is a ‘higher power’ in the MCU beyond what we thought was the highest power, the Infinity Stones, threw me for a loop.

To give you idea of how high this higher power is, there’s a throwaway line that employees of the TVA use Infinity Stones as paperweights, as they literally do nothing when you’re the TVA universe, if you can even call it a universe.

Loki is accompanied by Mobius M. Mobius, an agent of the TVA. Mobius clearly holds all the cards in the relationship, considering that Loki’s powers are impotent in the realm of the TVA, but we get a sort of “buddy movie” dynamic between the two which sort of sets the tone for the show overall.

The first episode of “Loki” comes out on Wednesday, don’t miss it.

RATING: 10/10

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