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REVIEW: PIXAR’s “Luca” Will Go Down as a Classic



On Friday, audiences will get to see Pixar’s newest animated adventure, “Luca” on Disney+ as part of the their regular subscription. Audiences will be wowed that a film of this caliber is debuting on a streaming service for no additional charge.

“Luca” is, in my opinion, one of the best PIXAR films to come out after “Toy Story 3,” which, along with “Inside Out,” I regard as true high water marks for the studio. I say that as someone who expects amazing movies from PIXAR, even more so than from the storied Walt Disney Animation Studio.

Part of what make’s “Luca” so great is the dynamic between the various kids that the movie focuses on, it immediately recaptures that feeling of innocence and childhood in a way that only a PIXAR or Disney film can. It reminded me of my childhood despite my not experiencing a summer remotely like the summer that the movie depicts.

It’s worth mentioning here that the child voice actors actors, Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Emma Berman are perfectly cast and play their roles beautifully. It was a real treat to see the kids behind the voices at the “Luca” press junket Disney invited us to (we’ll be covering the press event in great detail on a bonus episode of Magic Time available with a Premium Passport subscription in the Apple Podcasts app).

Child actors can make or break a movie for me, and to be frank they mostly break it in my opinion, so having the opportunity to see stellar performances from not just one child voice actor but multiple brought a smile to my face.

Ultimately, what makes the movie so perfect is the message of acceptance and belonging that is tactfully weaved throughout the movie, at times it’s incredibly subtle and other times it’s very apparent, and even made me choke up a bit at the end, like every good PIXAR movie seems to be able to do to me.

PIXAR’s “Luca” is a must watch for all animation fans and families. It hits all the right notes and will surely reverberate throughout time and animated film history.

RATING: 10/10

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