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RUMOR: Disney California Adventure’s MARVEL Area New Details



Passing under a marquee in what was once Bountiful Farms guests will enter this new land, phase one of which is scheduled to open in 2020. Phase two will come a few years after.

The former “it’s tough to be a bug” building will house the new Spider-Man attraction where guests will grab a web-shooter. The ride appears to be screen-based Astro Blasters or Midway Mania, but here guests will shoot webs instead of darts, balls, and. The central hub is adorned with a large Avengers symbol in the ground which will surround the land’s other offerings, like an Avengers HQ.

Near Spider-Man, Doctor Strange will host his own experience.

Ant-Man will have his own microbrewery (get it?) supposedly in a large can shaped building.

This area can be expected to be very similar to the land’s existing poster.

Phase Two includes the E-Ticket Avengers attraction, which will likely be a roller coaster. Whatever it ends up being, expect it to end in a large gift shop.

The Red Car Trolly will not be affected by this new area.

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