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Disney Files Lightsaber Patent



Lightsaber Patent Overview

Disney has filed for a patent application again! This new application is for a “Sword Device with Retractable, Internally Illuminated Blade.”

New Lightsaber Patent 3

The new technology is used to build a lightsaber hilt that works like a motorized tape measure. At the press of a button, the tapes will extend to a total length several times that of the hilt. The tapes will also have some kind of LED lighting inside, creating an effect similar to that seen in the Star Wars films

New Lightsaber Patent 4

Much like the Disney’s current lightsaber replicas, one can expect sound effects to play when the lightsaber is “turned on.”

New Lightsaber Patent 5
New Lightsaber Patent 7

This new and improved lightsaber would be far more realistic than anything else on the market, and therefore would command a premium price. It is likely that this lightsaber would be used by Cast Members or sold as a collectors item.

New Lightsaber Patent 8

New Lightsaber Patent 2

As with any patent application, there is a good chance that this concept does not come to fruition.

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